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Hey there!

My names Conor O’Dalaigh and I set up Naggins and Notions back in 2016. At this point, I was interning in a public relations agency based in Dublin, Ireland and was attending glamorous events with high profile people often being in attendance. I would show these off on social media and after feedback from friends/followers, I decided to blog about these events and show people what they’re really like behind the scenes.

After awhile I figured that the blog was a good place to express my interest in fashion and later on, beauty. I’ve always believed that fashion is the number one way that people can express themselves and demonstrate their interests and their personality to people who may not know them.

Conscious that it was an already fairly saturated area, I decided to pick a unique and memorable name for my blog and chose Naggins and Notions as it’s fun, quirky and light hearted which is what I hope my blog posts are. The internet can be a dark place at times so why not create a little area of it where people are not bombarded with negativity and bad news right?

I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest . Feel free to check them out and give me a follow on these.

I also run a travel blog (Interiornotions_) and a travel blog (travelnotions_) as I felt having multiple topics on one site could be overwhelming. You can find my travel Instagram here and my Interiors one here

To contact me about collaborations or gifting, please visit the contact sheet and I’ll get back to you.