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My name is Conor O’Dalaigh and this is my blog.

I set up Naggins and Notions as a tongue in cheek way of showing events that I was attending after people expressed interest from my Instagram and Snapchat.

Eventually I decided that my blog was a good place to express my interests in topics such as Interiors and  Travel to name but a few of my many broad interests. I’ve recently put a focus on Fashion and Beauty. I’ve always believed that fashion is the number one way that people can express themselves and demonstrate their interests and their personality to people who may not know them.It’s this great universal tool that people that make unique to suit their tastes and interests.

I chose a tongue in cheek name as to reflect the majority of my content at the time which was light hearted, tongue in cheek and mainly Irish based. Over the years my content has changed but the iconic name has stuck around.

I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest . Feel free to check them out and give me a follow on these.

To contact me about collaborations or gifting, please visit the contact sheet and I’ll get back to you.