Christmas Gift Guide 2020!

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Hey everyone welcome back to the blog. I hope you’re all doing well and minding yourself over this lockdown wherever you find yourself in the world. Now that Halloween is over and we’re a little over two weeks into November I think it’s perfectly acceptable to mention the ‘C’ word… CHRISTMAS. I know this year won’t be like others we’ve had before but it’s still a time we can make special and spend with our loved ones and those of whom we share a bubble with.Another thing that’s important now more than ever is supporting Irish businesses and brands who deliver quality and often award winning products that get overlooked in favour of big multi-national companies. All products listed below are Irish and cater for both the man/men and woman/women in your life.

Oxmantown Skincare

Inspired by nature, Amy Cahill’ Oxmantown skincare range consists of affordable and natural Irish skincare products in Stoneybatter. Amy’s passion about skincare and her background in holistic therapy has culminated in a fine range of skincare products. The Oxmantown range includes everything from a hydrating face mist and lip balms to hand washes and lotions.


Since launching in 2019, Jennifer Rock aka The Skinnerd has successfully launched her own skincare range in several successful shops, including department store Arnotts. The Skingredients range consists of a preprobiotic cleanser, skin shield with built in SPF 50,skin veg and skin protein with each both designed to work together and separately to enhance your skincare regime and improve any skin issues you may have.


Tinteán is a new beeswax candle company recently launched in Ireland by creator Gary Gaughan. Between Gary’s love of travel and adventure coupled with his love of home and family, Gary has created a range of four scented candles(Lavender,Fresh Linen,Vanilla,Nollaig) that are perfect for the cosy, warm feeling that many people associate with home.Tinteán is a range 100% Irish beeswax candles priced at €13. You can find more information on Tinteán as well as postage and packaging here.

Design Wright

Design Wright is a Donegal based design studio that make the funkiest pieces with everything from tie dye t-shirts to Miggeldy keyrings and prints. Design Wright artwork is perfect for a stocking filler, part of a secret Santa gift or for any event in your life! I’ve bought several pieces from Design wright and just love how quirky they are.

Jill & Gill

Jill & Gill is an award winning Irish brand seat up by artists Jill Deering and Gillian Henderson. They offer a fresh approach to illustration and print across fine art, fashion and design. Their aim is to create meaningful and impactful products and experiences that give a sense of value in what it means to invest in Irish Design and support Irish business. Their range of artwork and clothing are beautiful and have a lovely Irish twist to them.

Luna by Lisa

Lisa Jordan’s award winning cosmetics line Luna by Lisa is the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life. Luna has everything you need from brushes, to haircare, from lip balm to beauty accessories. The quality of these products is out of this world and well worth the hype they’ve received online. You can get these  or in numerous pharmacies nationwide.

Bare By Vogue

If you’ve followed me for awhile then you’ll know I can’t live without bare by vogue tan! It’s by far the moist natural and hassle free tan on the market. It comes in three shades as well as a face mist making all over tanning incredibly easy to do. Bare By Vogue are currently offering bundles on their bestsellers which would be perfect to add that bit of glam to the festive season (or to your festive zoom call!)


Narcissips is a reusable and sustainable business set up in Dublin by Cathal O’Reilly. Cathal began to be more conscious about his plastic usage and just how much was going to landfill. Eventually Cathal came up with the idea of Narcissips which are reusable bottles and coffee containers. With several colours and styles to choose from, this is the perfect fit for the eco-friendly warrior in your life who likes a bit of stye along with their eco-friendliness!


Irish owned Oxendales was set up in 1875 to make use of the UK’s postal order system and have been offering top quality goods for prices you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Oxendales are offering a range of gorgeous clothing and accessories that are perfect for the Christmas season. I’ve picked out a few of my favourites on offer above!


In a world where inclusivity is deserved but not always given, SimplyBe are kicking up a storm with offering one of Ireland’s very few plus size only clothing ranges! They also offer a fabulous range of accessories as well as interior design finishes to give you house that added bit of glam to match your outfit. I’ve selected a few bits from their site that jumped out at me above!


I hope you guys enjoyed this list and found it helpful. Life has currently caught up with me so I’ll be back soon with another update from my always on life haha!

Til next time,

Conor xo

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