How To Make The Most Of A Small Space

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. After watching one of my favourite Blogger/Influencer/Youtuber Retro Flame’s video on space saving ideas, I thought I’d share some of my own. These are all cost effective solutions to a common issue that many people find themselves confronted with and one which has been highlighted since they’ve been given no other option but to spend more time at home recently.

Underbed storage

Most of the Irish housing stock built in a time where certain rooms were used in a different way to how they are now. For instance, people are spending more time in their bedroom whether it be getting ready for a meeting, working from home or just relaxing in a space of their own. Because of this, people need extra space for wardrobes/dressing tables/desks which weren’t thought of when the house was built. One way I’ve gotten around this is by having an ottoman bed. An ottoman bed is, put simply, a bed on a metal frame attached to gas springs. The gas springs allow you to have the full length of the bed as storage. I have one and use it for my shoes and bags which frees up space in my wardrobe and on my floor! I got mine in a store that is sadly no longer open in Beechwood Homepark out in Navan but found one in Ikea for €350 which is a bargain and will save you money on buying an extra wardrobe or set of drawers and free up precious floor space in your room!

Vacuum Storage Bags

With most of us having wardrobes that are bursting at the seams, it can often be hard to part ways with clothes, especially if you’re just waiting for THE perfect occasion to wear them to. I started using vacuum bags to change my wardrobe when the seasons change so I could free up space and have pieces that are appropriate for the weather at hand! The best thing is is that they’re reusable so you don’t have to buy new ones every time. I buy my vacuum bags from Home Store & More and on Amazon where you can get a set of 6 (2x small, 2x medium, 2x large) for £14!

Storage Units

With everyday items such as soap, tissues,cleaning wipes and general household bits often being small but taking up much needed space, it can be difficult to find space for these in your kitchen. With the space under our stairs, I decided to use a set of plastic drawers on wheels for these. With each drawer labelled and size ordered, it makes it easier to see not only what you have, but to also access them rather then having them stuck down the back of cupboard or up on a high shelf.
If you’re like me and have about a million and one sets of bedding, you’ll know how hard it can be to keep matching sets together. After thinking about it, I remembered watching a household show open TV where they kept the duvet and pillow case inside the other matching pillowcase. This not only keeps matching sets together, it also makes them easier to store. I keep mine in a in a storage box from Ikea which fits in the Kallax shelving unit. I find this is the easiest way to keep everything together yet not make the place look cluttered.
I hope you found the above solutions helpful and useful. I’ll be back in two weeks with another Interiors post but til then, keep up to date with my posts on my Instagram (which I’ve linked below).

Til next time,

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