How To Style A Casual Shirt

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. After I posted my boohoo shirt haul last week, it got me thinking about the way I wear shirts and figured I’d show you how!

In the world of Instagram and with narcissism at an all time, we as a society have slipped into this mindset that we MUST buy something new every time we go out with friends, or go on holiday -we don’t need to change WHAT we wear, we need to change HOW we wear it. I kept it really simple and used the same four pieces but styled differently.

Style One

One thing I saw a lot over the summer, was the half-tuck. This gives you the option to wear a statement belt which can really bring an outfit together. This would work really well on an oversized shirt to give the outfit a more dramatic look and make what is generally a casual outfit , dressy and something a little different to what you might usually see out.

Style Two

For this slightly more sassy look, I decided to wear add a long grey coat, black jeans and a weekend holdall to make the look more sophisticated. The long grey coat gives and oversized sunglasses give the outfit a bit of attitude which is never a bad thing! You’d look right at home strutting down the middle of 5th Avenue wearing this!

Style Three

For this one, I decided to put a bit of a spin on style two. By draping the long coat over your shoulders and tucking the shirt in, you get the perfect mix between  formal and casual.

Style Four

A good quality pair of jeans will never do you wrong. For this look, I decided to slightly roll up the legs of my jeans and tuck the shirt into them. This creates the perfect outfit for a normal day in the office or for a casual everyday outfit. This is probably my favourite look out of all of them as you can literally wear it to anywhere regardless of the type of occasion, it’s setting or the time of year.Personally, I’d wear this for a night out with the option of untucking the shirt if I wanted to be more comfortable during the night.

I had so much fun shooting these looks along with the other 350 photos that didn’t make the cut haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post which is a little different from what I usually do. Do let me know on Instagram what you think!

Til next time,

Conor xo

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