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Hey guys!

This week post is going to be the start of my focus on one topic rather than seven. I figured rather than stretching myself on covering seven things, I’d focus on one topic instead. After asking you guys on my Instastories, I decided to focus on Fashion.

Fashion is one of these fascinating areas where you can give a group of people the same item of clothing and it’s almost guaranteed that all of them will do something different with it. Fashion is one of the greatest forms that people can use to express their personality. I’m a firm believer of less is more and prefer understated outfits with one colourful or designer piece and keep the rest of the outfit quite plain and neutral.

My first post is going to be about something that I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with at the moment – statement shirts!

Statement shirts are perfect for any occasion and any season regardless of the weather. The secret is what print you choose to wear . My top tip would be to pick the darker, slightly more colder colours for the Autumn/Winter and choose the more vibrant and funky ones for Spring/Summer. I’ve included below a mix of both cold and warm patterns as well the other pieces I’d pair them with.

V by Very Parrot Hawaiian Cuban Collar Shirt – €25

This colorful cuban collared style shirt has a lovely relaxed fit to it. This shirt would be perfect for lazing around by the pool during the summer with a pair of black shorts and white runners or for a chilled dinner paired with a pair of white skinny jeans and a pair of brown loafers.

Chain Print Long Sleeve Shirt – €18

This BoohooMan chain print shirt is the PERFECT statement outfit piece. It’s so perfect I even bought it in the short sleeved version for only €16.20 so I can look fab in hot and cold weather! I plan on wearing this shirt in Manchester for pride with a pair of white shorts and classic white runners.

Polka Dot Short Sleeve Revere Shirt – €16.20

The minute I saw this polka dot short sleeved shirt on BoohooMan, I HAD to have it. I can see myself wearing it for parties, night outs or even just casual dinners with friends. The beauty of a black shirt with minimal design/prints on it is that it can easily be worn with anything from a pair of black skinny jeans, to dressy chinos to shorts of any color!

Oriental Print Short Sleeve Revere Shirt – €16.20

While it’s not my usual color (I tend to go for darker shirts with slightly brighter prints on them) I loved how the whites, browns and blues flowed on this oriental inspired shirt. This would be perfect for a festival or a classic beach holiday paired with black/dark shorts and a nice pair of sliders!

Mosaic Print Short Sleeve Revere Shirt – €16.20

As soon as I saw the jade detailing on this shirt I just HAD to have it! Jade is the perfect color as it goes with everything from grey checked trousers (you guys know how much I love them at this stage haha!) to white shorts to normal denim skinny jeans, the outfit possibilities are endless! I’ve this shirt paired with a light pair of chino shorts and a pair of light colored Toms!

These are some of my favorite shirts that I’ve bought recently so make sure to keep an eye on my Instatory for when I get them as well as seeing how I style them!

Til next time,

Conor xo

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