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Hey guys!
With festival season in full swing, I thought I’d put together a list of the key things you should bring with you to a festival so you’re ready!
Know your shit.
I’d recommend you have a good knowledge of the layout of the festival whether it be for a day or weekend! Know where the stages/areas are so you can be white girl wasted in the crowd singing to your favourite song by your favourite artist or the best places to get that much needed sausage roll for the inevitable hangover the next day.
Hand Sanitizer.
Lets be real here, festivals can be absolutely vile. Having a handy bottle of sanitizer with you will make sure that you don’t pick up any unwanted germs or accidentally get something sticky on your hands.
Portable Charger 
If you’re like me live on your phone, I’d recommend bringing a portable charger as there’ll be very few (if any) sockets to charge your phone from. If I know I’ll be out for the day and won’t have a chance to plug my phone in anywhere, I use the Belkin pocket 5000mAh Power Bank that I picked up recently in Harvey Norman for only 30 euro! It’s perfect for festivals as it’s lightweight and compact and because of its protective plastic case, is durable whether you’re in a tent for two days or throwing it in a bag for a weekend!
I’d recommend bringing a tonne of plasters with you as all the walking/running/dancing/queueing will most likely destroy your feet and trust me, walking around with absolutely destroyed feet and bloodied shoes is NOT good look regardless of where you are…
Now if you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know how obsessed I am about glitter. I’d recommend bringing buckets of the stuff with you as you can NEVER have too much glitter with you. I was obsessed with the Eco friendly glitter that Primark released earlier this summer but have sadly stopped the line. I have however found an alternative range from The gypsy Shrine which is biodegradable so you can live your best #festihun life without damaging the planet.
Rain Gear
No festival in Ireland would be complete without a mild threat of rain if not a complete downpour. Don’t be THAT person who gets caught out and bring a rain poncho or jacket with you. Worst comes to worst, a rain jacket has extra space for that cheeky naggin and less chance of you losing your phone/money!
Speaking of money, I would always advise to bring cash with you as on site bars may not have card machines or if they do, they’ll have crap signals so you’re better off to bring cash and avoid the long waiting times and major inconvenience of using card.
Whether it’s 30 degrees and sun,y or 10 degrees and raining, we Irish love TAN! I’d recommend Dripping Gold medium Mousse as it goes on beautifully leaving no streaks or you smelling like a pack of digestives that’ve been left in the sun for too long.Tan queen Suzanne Jackson has recently released Body Tune with Olivia Atwood which is an instant tan. Body Tune can be used over Dripping Gold, mixed in with your make up or as a layer of tan itself! I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle and live my tanned god life!
Baby wipes
Let’s face it, festivals are vile. The amount of sticky, smelly and just downright disgusting things that you’re surrounded by can sometimes be too much (especially if you’re a princess like me). Pick up a small travel size of baby wipes and you’ll be prepared for any mess from pints that’ve spilled to that blob of foundation that somehow got on your white shorts.
No matter how old you are or how mature you think you look, there will always be one bouncer that asks you to take out your ID and prove you’re not some 12 year old trying to sneak drink from the bar. Don’t be like me a, 22 year old six foot two lanky lad and get ID’d in front of a load of 18 year olds because your confidence will take a brief knock!
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Til next time,

Conor xo

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