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This weeks post is on that is super important for the start of festival season and most importantly – Pride weekend!

Primark have launched the PS… Festival Collection which features nine glitter products made using Bioglitter which is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional glitter and the best thing is it’s available from all Primark stores which makes environmentally friendly glitter available on the high street for the first time!

Primark took their time with this collection and did their research and realised that although their shoppers want to have confidence in how they feel regardless of their style, age or budget, they also want to minmise their impact on the planet. The Ps…Festival Collection provides even more choice for customers looking for great, eco-friendly beauty products at affordable prices.

Primark take their responsibility as a leading international retailer seriously and want to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible by finding new ways to make and sell customer loved products.

Each of the products containing glitter in the PS…Festival range is made using Cosmetic Bioglitter SPARKLE – which is based on natural sources derived from Eucalyptus trees. The main material in Cosmetic Bioglitter SPARKLE biodegrades naturally if it makes its way into the countryside, rivers or lakes. The collection includes one of their insanely popular eye shadow palettes, Glitter Eyes, which offers 32, yes THIRTY TWO colour options which gives you endless options for creating the perfect festihun insta look. The palette is ONLY €5/£4!!

The range also includes six different loose glitter options for only €2.50 as well as their exciting new collection of glitter balms starting from €2.50!

I am going to have SO much fun with the for both Dublin and Mnachester pride this year and who knows, it may even inspire me to become a Glitter MUA and make some videos for you guys!

Til next time,

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