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REVIEW: My experience with Symprove

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Today’s post is going to be on a topic that I’ve never really touched on before – my physical health and in particular, my gut health.

For the past four years, I’ve suffered badly with cramping, bloating as well as constipation . I’ve been to my GP countless times and nearly every time whatever I was prescribed or advised to try never worked or when it did, it would do so for about a week and then I’d feel really bad again. Medical experts advise NOT to cut out certain food out of your diet but I felt that I had no choice as this was really getting in the way of my everyday life .I went from having a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and orange juice to having toast and water as these were the only things I found that DIDN’T upset my stomach.

Over the four years, I sort of just got on with my life and was routinely late for college/appointments etc because my stomach would be so bad. During a previous internship this happened and I contacted my boss to tell her that I would be late. When I told her about having IBS, she suggested I try a new product that we were about to start doing the PR for called Symprove.

What is Symprove?

Symprove is an innovative, water based supplement which is the result of 25 years of science and research by Kings college London . It contains multi-strain, live and active bacteria which is normally found in the healthy gut. Unlike other products, Symprove’s unique delivery system ensures that these beneficial bacteria ‘arrive, thrive and survive’. Unlike dairy based products, Symprove’s water-based formulation doesn’t trigger digestion meaning the bacteria survives the hostile environment of the stomach so it reaches the gut alive.

The Benefits

The benefits have been proven by independent clinical trials in Kings College London which showed significant improvement in IBS symptoms within four weeks with continued improvements throughout the 12 weeks of the study.

My Experience

After using it for about six months now, I’ve never felt better. I used to limit what I ate because I was afraid it would upset my stomach and give me really bad cramps or some of the other symptoms I’ve mentioned above. I don’t usually hype things up if it’s not warranted but Symprove has improved my gut health so much and have honestly never felt better!

How to store it and take it

Before being opened , Symprove can simply be stored in any cool dark place such as a cupboard. After opening, you should store Symprove in the fridge to ensure the live and active bacteria are kept in optimum conditions but never frozen as this can kill the bacteria

Symprove comes with a little plastic measuring cup with different measurements on it. You simply take a dose that works for you (I found taking half a cup worked better for me than a full cup). You take it 10-15 minutes before you eat in the morning as it prepares your gut and neutralises the bacteria that’s already present in your stomach. It must be stored in the fridge before you open it or this will affect the bacteria inside.

It’s worth knowing that not everybody’s guts are the same. When you first start taking Symprove, it may take your body a little bit of time to adjust to the new bacteria. This is perfectly normal and your body should soon adjust, so continue to take Symprove each day even if this happens. Rebalancing the gut bacteria is not a quick fix and can take some time. Based on independent studies, Symprove recommend a 12-week programme


Symprove is available in two flavours, Original and Mango and Passion Fruit. I got the Mango and Passion Fruit and it doesn’t taste bad at all! It’s also vegan friendly and is gluten and dairy free. It’s available from leading pharmacies nationwide and online here It’s available as a 12week programme which can be bought for the price of an 8 week programme. By committing to the 12 week programme, Symprove will reward you by giving you the last 4 weeks of the programme free. How fab is that?!

There are two ways to claim your free 4 weeks.

1: When you buy eight weeks, your free pack will be automatically added to your order to allow you to complete the 12 week programme.

2: If you want to try the product before committing to the whole programme, you can buy 4 weeks at a time. After buying your second 4 week pack, you can call Symprove and they will send you the final 4 weeks of the programme free of charge.

After completing the programme you can move on to a maintenance programme to supplement your bacteria balance like I did. You can adjust the frequency to suit your own circumstances and lifestyle.

For more details on the programme and good gut health, you can visit Symprove’s website here

I hope this post helps anyone with IBS as much as it’s helped me!

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Til next time,

Conor xo

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