Carlton Casino Launch Night

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Today’s post is going to be on the launch of the Carlton Casino Club which I attended last week. The casino is owned by the Quirke family who own Dr Quirky’s wonder emporium. The casino is housed in the former Carlton Cinema on O’Connell Street which is where the main Dr Qurikey’s is situated.

When we arrived, we had just missed Quirke’s father-in-law and Chris De Burgh perform his classic hit Lady in Red in the casino’s main gambling hall.

After the performance ended, we went up to the bar (which was free which is always a bonus haha!) and caught up with some of the lovely girls who worked in the PR agency handling the launch as well as some of the friends in the industry. We spent the next while talking and catching up before going off and look around a bit more and of course, find the best places for selfies which is the most important part of the night in a new venue hahaha!

After we got our drinks (I started on vodka followed by prosecco and Robyn started with a classic G&T and then on to prosecco too) we sat in the poker parlour and listened to the amazing jazz band perform.

When we finished our drinks we went back into the main part of the casino and explored a but more.The casino has a poker parlour and a main room with five game tables in it as well as the impressive main bar. Off this room is a small sunken cinema area which can be rented for private functions. The fact that it’s sunken gives it a more cosy, intimate feeling.

This was by far the most glamorous launch night I’ve ever been to and I met a host of famous faces including award winning snooker player Ken Doherty and the absolutely stunning Rosanna Davison and the beautiful model and socialite Kerrie Nicole Blanc!

The night ended with me tipsy on prosecco running (fast walking) down O’Connell Street to the quays to get my last bus home which isn’t the best combination I can assure you…

I had SO much fun at this launch and it’s definitely a place I’ll be back to if not for the gambling then definitely for the insta opportunities!!

Til next time,

Conor xo

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