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#TravelNotions – What I Pack

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For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you what I bring beauty/skincare/health wise with me when I travel. For the most post, I’ll bring these with me regardless of where I’m travelling to!


Regardless of where I go both at home and abroad, I bring a bottle of aftershave with me. My general rule when travelling is to pick a scent depending on what the climate is like where I’m going – if it’s warm then I’ll usually bring a coo, light smelling scent such as Armani Diamonds or Paul Smith Extreme, both of which come in a 100ml bottle so can be put into your hand luggage!

Similarily, if I’m travelling to a country where I know the climate will be cold then I’ll pack a heavier almost musky scent such as Tom Ford Noir which has a beautiful rich scent to it or Dolce & Gabana The One which is an almost citrusy scent. Again,both of these come in a 100ml bottle so can be brought through security in airports with no hassle.


It’s important to look after your skin ESPECIALLY when you’re travelling as it can become dehydrated when flying due to the dry, recycled air that is circulated on planes during flying time.

The first thing I bring with me is the Bulldog Cosmetics oil control face mask. I usually put this on when I land as you need to leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing it off. I find this leaves my skin nice and smooth and helps me contain my acne which I’ve suffered from for years.

The second thing that I bring with me is a packet of Waterwipes. Waterwipes are usually used by mothers with new borns but are perfect to bring with you when travelling! They contain 99% water and a drop of grapefruit extract which is a natural skin conditioner so they don’t harm your skin when you use them! I usually pack these in my hand luggage and just before we’re due to land, I go to the toilet and give my face a quick rub to rehydrate my skin to avoid any problems further down the line.


Now I wouldn’t be me without bringing something for my hair with me. I ALWAYS carry a small bottle of hairspray with mein my hand luggage as I find that no matter how long I spend doing my hair, I NEVER have enough hairspray in!

After years of trying different brands, I’ve found Tresemme si the perfect brand for me. I usually bring a full bottle with me in my hold luggage and bring a small, 100ml bottle with me on board the plane.

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