REVIEW: Bulldog Skincare Oil Controlling Facemask

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Just before Christmas, I went up north and picked up some skin care bits as I figured it was about time I took proper care of my skin! After looking around Sainsbury’s and what was on offer, I decided to get the Bulldog Oil Control Facemask and moisturiser. I’ve gone through two bottles of the face mask it so figured it was time for a review of it!

The face mask I use is an oil controlling one as I’ve figured out that I have quite oily skin which is why I break out alot. The bulldog facemask contains witch hazel,willow bark and juniper as well as a blend of natural clays including Cornish and volcanic. This combi nation ensures that your skin feels smooth and fresh after you use it.
How you use it

Once you get the bottle, you squeeze it into your hand and apply it to your face or just particular areas that you feel are more oily than others. Once you’ve applied it, you leave it on for approximately 10-15 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Like I said, I’ve gone through two bottles of it since December and my skin has never felt better! I’ve noticed a big chance especially in the black heads on my nose which used to be COVERED in them.
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Where to buy it
Bulldog products are available in all pharmacies ,as well as most supermarkets although it does depend on the size of the shop you’re in as they may not have the full range of products. You can also get them through their website
Keep an eye out for my review on the moisturizer which I’ll do once I’ve used it a few more times!
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  1. This was great thanks! I’ve always seen Bull Dog in my local Boots but never known if its worth picking up or not. Might just give it a go now, next time I see it! 😀

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