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Diet Coke recently announced the ever so fab Laura Whitmore as their ambassador for their #BecauseICan campaign. This campaign gives coke drinkers access to a series of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to explore their passions through cool and care free events and experiences! The launch night was held in Yamaori on Ormond Quay. 

#BecauseICan is all about doing things in life that make you happy no matter what anyone else thinks!

They had beautiful asian inspired food and ‘coketails’ for guests throughout the event.I tried their beautiful ‘Jimihen’ cocktails which was Havanah 3year old rum,Yamahai genshu sake,Lime, sugar syrup and diet coke all served with a fresh mint and I have to say it was one of the nicest cocktails I’ve ever had!
After the little Q&A with Laura Whitmore and Darren Kennedy who was also an ambasador for this campaign, I managed to get a quick pic with Laura which was very kindly taken by her mam who was her plus one for the night!

As we were leaving we were given a massive box which contained three bottles of Coca Cola – original Diet Coke as well as a bottle of their new exotic mango flavor and a bottle of their peach flavor too!
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